How to make Cannabutter

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How to make super awesome Cannabutter. See this very useful video below from “Seed to Stoned” and learn exactly how. I have been a chef for about 20 years now. This is my favorite way of making cannabutter. What I like most about it is the fact that it is clean to use and for some reason, it just tastes better than other ways I have tried. Following this method cannabutter is dead easy to make and seriously anybody can do this. There is nothing to it. The secret to this and to making any awesome cannabutter for that matter it the quality of products that you will be using.

The Taste Factor in Cannabutter

Use good quality butter and preferably not margarine, and if margarine is the only option it has to be a full-fat one otherwise you will end up with melted plastic ( that is what some melted margarine looks like for reals). Use flowers instead of trim. Trim is fine and there is no problem with it but I personally have just found that cannabutter made from flower to be a whole lot better in both potency and taste. Take the extra time to clean your buds before you but it in the oven. Clean it like you would be cleaning it to smoke a joint. Remove all stalks…and if you were so unlucky to have had your females pollinated and you have seeds in your buds, be pretty sure to remove them as well. Removing seeds is vital because it plays a huge role in the taste factor. Remember that when cooking with cannabis, cannabutter plays a huge role and for that reason, the taste is a key factor.

Quantities Made Easy For You

In the video, he uses pounds and American terms. He is also using a top-notch flower that is very potent by itself. Here are a few tips that I have found that works for me when it comes to quantities.

The one pound of butter is 453 grams to be exact. But we just use a 500-gram block of butter. If you have a good quality flower that does not have seeds use 60 grams of flower to 1 block of butter. If you have a medium quality flower that is not as potent, or you maybe have lots of seeds to remove use about 80 grams of flower. When you are maybe using street quality “dagga” you should use as much as 100 grams to make decent cannabutter.

Use this cannabutter recipe to make the best chocolate brownies in the world.

How to make Cannabutter
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