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Who is G-420 and Cannabis Blog South-Africa

Who is G-420? And what is this G-420 all about? Well, my name is Gideon and I am 40 years old. I am addicted to cannabis. But I am not addicted to the smoking or consumption of cannabis but I am however very much addicted to the cultivation of this amazing plant. I grew my first Cannabis tree back in 1994. I am completely fascinated by what we as a human race can do with the cannabis plant. This tree, given to us by God, has got all the power to save the world and make it a much better place for us all.

Cannabis was in jail for 90 years in South-Africa and its users targeted by the South-African police force. Even until today the police have got not much better to do then to target the cannabis users of South-Africa. What about all the “Tik” dealers and real drug dealers? Why does the South-African police not target them? Why do they not target the real problems? I do not know…that blows my mind.

It is time to legalize the truth!!!

We as a community were lied to and misled for many years. For many years we were taught how bad cannabis is for you and it will make you dumb and kill you. I remember when I was growing up the schools taught us that cannabis was called “Durban Poison”. And it is a poison that will kill you. Never was the emphasis laid on any other drugs…always cannabis. That was in the ’80s and ’90s. Now we are in the 2020s and a lot has changed regarding cannabis…or has it? My children in school still get taught how bad cannabis is, people still look down on cannabis users and label them “dagga koppe” when they are nothing but a bunch of drunks.

The stigma around cannabis will still be here for a long time. For example my family… They refuse to accept that anything from cannabis is good. All of them believe that the medical evidence we have available today is false. They refuse to watch any documentaries I want to show them and even the CCN documentary about Charlott Figi they just bluntly refuse to watch. Sad is it not…

With this blog, I want to bring super awesome content to people that are as fascinated as me by the cannabis plant. I know that everything has been said before and about everything there has been written before but I bring this from my perspective. I am not perfect and very far from it and this blog is mainly for personal entertainment. Maybe there is someone out there that will like what I have to say. Please like and follow this blog. Plenty of awesome content coming. I live, breathe, eat, dream everything cannabis.

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